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If you want to upgrade to the latest version but don't know how to do this then this service is for you!

What we will do for you:

- Backup your Website/ Database
- Upgrade it on our server so your website isn't offline any longer then necessary.
- When the upgrade of the database is done we will install a clean version of the latest Opencart
   on your server and restore the upgraded database and your files.


What we will need from you:

- FTP access
- Cpanel/phpMyAdmin access for backup of the database
- Your Opencart Admin credentials for checking if everything functions when the upgrade is done

Things we can preserve:

- Customers, Orders, Products, Categories, most settings etc.
- Our modules and extensions

Things we cannot preserve:

- Custom themes as they are usually not compatible with a new version without a upgrade.
  If you want us to install your custom theme you can purchase our custom theme installation service and sent us
  the custom theme for the latest version and we will then install it for you.

- Other developers custom extension/modules.
   You will need to contact them for a new version which is compatible with the latest Opencart version.

   If you want us to install them for you please ask us for a quote.

To recap:

When we are done you will be on the latest Opencart version with the default theme enabled and all custom mods/extensions disabled.


If you need any extra requirements or you want us to fully restore your website after the upgrade ask us for a quote.
You can sent us an e-mail via our contact form.


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Upgrade your Opencart to the latest version!

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