With this extension you can fully customize your invoice layout with a total of 44 configurable options.
Add your store logo and product images to your invoice to give it a more professional look.
With the custom footer you can add your own personal message for example thank your customers for
there purchase of reference to your Terms & Conditions.
And with the multi-store support you can now fully customize your invoice for all your stores.
Each store will have its own logo and custom settings.
Here below you will find all the custom features.

✔ Display Invoice Print Button on dashboard & order page
✔ Display Invoice PDF Button on dashboard & order page

✔ Add any logo to your invoice
✔ Set Logo Dimensions
✔ Header Invoice # - Display invoice number instead of order number
✔ Align invoice number
✔ Remove store telephone
✔ Display Company ID
✔ Display VAT Number
✔ Display customer IP Address
✔ Add customer telephone and email
✔ Add Product Image
✔ Remove model number
✔ Add Manufacturer to invoice
Add SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Location and Weight to invoice
✔ Remove comments
✔ Add custom invoice footer
✔ Last Order History Status display on invoice

✔ Style your invoice (only for chrome browser and PDF)
✔ Fixed double website URL when printing the invoice
✔ Save Invoice as PDF
✔ Display Custom Fields on Invoice and PDF

✔ Multi-Store support
✔ Free Support

 VQMod required

More features are coming soon like:
- Multi language invoice
- Product Image dimensions
- Invoice date

Suggestions for more features are always welcome!

Extension Info:
Extension Version: 4.3
Supported Versions: / / / / /
Multi-Store Support: Yes
License Type: Single Domain

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Custom Invoice Options

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Extension Version: 4.3
Supported Versions: / / / / /
Multi-Store Support: Yes
License Type: Single Domain
Last updated: 06/06/2023

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